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 Aloe jam, 1 kg.



Almonds in caramel, 90 gr.

Original dessert from Korea. It makes up for the lack of vitamins and unsaturated fats, it is useful for the cardiovascular system. Caramel with almonds Orion will bring exquisite pleasure and will be a wonderful surprise for a dear person...


Almonds in chocolate, 46 gr.

Chocolate-covered almonds are one of the most popular LOTTE chocolates. Properly roasted almonds, covered with two layers of high-quality chocolate - bitter and milk.Ingredients: almonds (fried), sugar, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, vegetable oil,..


Aloe jam, 550 gr




Anti Hangover Drink, Anti Hangover Drink, 240 ml

"Alcohol Doctor" -anti-hangover drink with apple flavor. It contains goji and guarana extracts, natural caffeine, mineral and vitamin mix, amino acids, taurine, fructose, and honey. This drink relieves the symptoms of a hangover, reduces the effect..


Apple cider vinegar, 500 ml

Apple cider vinegar from Daesang is a high-quality product, with which the prepared dishes will become even tastier. It can be used as a base for a marinade, add a few drops to a salad to set off the taste of vegetables, and cook amazing Indian chu..